November 17, 2014

StorPool ready for OpenStack

StorPool (, the fast growing block SDS ISV, continue its rapid development with the announcement of the OpenStack integration. StorPool was in Paris for the OpenStack Summit a few days ago to introduce this new effort for the company. In 2 words, the product supports now Icehouse and Juno and will be also in the Kilo train. I discovered StorPool some time ago, covered a few times the company and technology (Jan. 2014 and July 2014) and we met and invited StorPool for the June 2014 IT Press Tour in California. StorPool offers advanced features such thin provisioning, snapshots & clones, tiering, caching, QoS and is really scalable. In a few words, just consider StorPool as a string alternative to ScaleIO much simpler to buy, to deploy and adopt.

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