December 18, 2014

Surprise, Teradata acquires Rainstor

RainStor (, ISV specialized in Hadoop archiving, just announced its move under Teradata's umbrella. With RainStor, Teradata made 4 acquisitions this year: Revelytix, developper of Hadoop data management tools, Hadapt, a builder of SQL on Hadoop, and Think Big, for data science and engineering services. It's a surprise, at least it was kept confidential for the last few months, the company received a 12M$ for its 3rd financial round in October 2012. We met RainStor in March 2012 with the IT Press Tour and we realized that the company jumped in the Hadoop wagon as the opportunity is so huge and the cake is so big that every company even a small could expect to have just a small piece of it. If you read carefully the press release, there is no quote of the RainStor CEO John Bantleman. Teradata indicates that RainStor will strengthen the Hadoop portfolio. More globally, classic big data players like Teradata essentially known before the Hadoop wave have had some difficulties to manage the transition to this new model based on open source technologies. At the same time, innovations continue to be propelled by small agile startups a few times acquired by big vendors, again it just illustrates that big irons have too much inertia to adapt to the market dynamic. Good catch.

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