January 8, 2015

Atlantis Computing swapped again its CEO

Atlantis Computing (www.atlantiscomputing.com), leader in storage virtualization for server virtualization with their USX solution, a strong reference in VDI, made recently a silent CEO swap. Announced a few months ago, Jason Donahue replaced Bernard Harguindeguy who was instrumental in the growth of the company during past years. The announcement surprised me as there was no mention at all of Bernard Harguindeguy and no thanks at all. At that time with the new company identity launched a few weeks later, I submitted a blog post on Atlantis web site that was removed and never officially published, that post suggested that Jason Donahue arrival is also a synonym of an exit strategy desire, probably an indication of some strategy divergence between Bernard and Chetan Venkatesh as well. On the other hands, Donahue track record is interesting for Atlantis for the next company step as he sold in the past 3 companies: ClearApp to Oracle in 2008, Meiosys to IBM in 2005 and Ejasent to VERITAS Software in 2004 for less than 60M$. He did also an IPO with Apptix. A web site capture show the reality taken a few hours ago.

A few weeks ago, Gregg Holzrichter left also the company to join Big Switch Networks as CMO.
I don't know all the details but something is happening there...

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