February 5, 2015

Qumulo entered in a new dimension

Qumulo (www.qumulo.com), a storage company launched by former Isiloners, has just announced a round fo 40M$ from KPCB, Highland Capital, Madrona Venture Group and Valhalla Partners. With this B round, the total reaches now 67M$. At the same time, Sujal Patel, one of the legend behind Isilon, also joined the board. We expect Qumulo to really shake the storage market with an advanced data-centric storage solution leveraging an unique proven expertise in scale-out NAS. As a few companies already started to integrate and take advantage of Flash storage, Qumulo took a very innovative file system approach especially for the meta-data part. Again, 10 millions files could be seen as a huge number and some classic approach could be considered good enough but for 10 or 100 billions of files, a new design is a Must and Qumulo is about to change that growing storage segment. Remember, Isilon is still the reference in Scale-Out NAS invented at the beginning of the century and some of the team members already demonstrated his knowledge and capabilities in scale-out DB with Clustrix. These people are experts. Wow! what a good news for the industry. Congrats to Peter and his team.

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