December 18, 2015

OpenIO updates its SDS product

OpenIO (, one of the pioneers in object storage, announced recently the 15.12 release to reflect a new naming convention based on year and month number.
Started in 2006 then put in open source in 2012 and now driven by OpenIO as a company since June 2015, the technology has gain more and more market attention for a few months. I invite you to read again the post I wrote a few months ago, available from here. Prospects and customers, press and analysts have recognized the superiority of the product based on radical choices made 10 years ago. Again, which were the actors who existed at that time ? Hum, you name them: Bycast, Caringo or Cleversafe and for sure not many and the only French one, remember I men players in 2006.
OpenIO gains maturity and the product is enhanced by different access methods such a file sharing capability such NFS or FUSE. The idea is also to tailor the product to vertical needs and adapt it to specific workloads.
With this 15.12 release, you will receive:
  • a new CLI written in Python that replaces the previous one in C,
  • a new Meta2 optimized schema,
  • the reverse directory to rebuild failed drives is now open source,
  • some extensions to the C API with streamed PUT, dedup calls and reviewed APPEND semantics,
  • a SQL-X C client, our embedded db driver,
  • support for Fedora 23,
  • extension for Vagrant to support Amazon EC2 and OpenStack,
  • and Puppet modules, available on Puppet Forge.
According to Laurent Denel, CEO and co-founder of OpenIO, the next few months will see more adoption, more features and more customers as adoption has now took off. Great, good to see an other french startup shakes the storage industry palm.

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