February 2, 2016

Outpace.io promotes open source

Outpace.io (www.outpace.io), leader in AoE, continues to actively promotes open source. Based on their choice to leverage AoE with pure software implementation within the Linux kernel, the company has made also some strong choices with Ceph as they have developed some expertise around the massively downloaded product, not sure it's running in many demanding production environment, with StorPool, the innovative block SDS, with Rozo Systems, one of the fastest Scale-Out NAS of the market, and with OpenIO, one of the pioneer of object storage. The company excels in building top level storage infrastructure and leverages good connections to sign partnerships both in commercial and open source community. But 2016 will be crucial, as they have to position their offering more generally about fast, big an simple storage and don't insist on AoE, protocols... that can create some doubt on the prospects mind. The team if brilliant, having made some good choice in the past but infrastructure is tough.


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