March 22, 2016

Datameer to facilitate Big Data for the masses

Datameer (, leader in Big Data Analytics, has a mission: Simplify the adoption of Big Data Analytics for everyone. We met Datameer yesterday during the first day of the 18th edition of The IT Press Tour and we have discovered a very promising player in the dynamic analytics market segment.

This segment is more of the more active and projects some good forecasts for IT for the next few years. Server, Storage, Cloud... all these sectors will see growth and a rapid one.

Started in 2009 by Stefan Groschupf, well known in the big data open source community for having participated to the Nutch project, Datameer has received strong funding at $76.5M in 5 rounds from 8 investors. The installed base is impressive with more than 200 deployments with significant customer names.
Datameer mission is to analyze the ton of data enterprises continue to store but have difficulty to do it due to IT complexity. A second difficulty also appears with the variety of people involved in data processing, utilization and modeling. To solve that multi directions challenge very difficult to address with traditional, slow, rigid and static solutions based on ETL, Data Warehouse and Reporting that make a project lasts 18 months or more, Datameer chooses to reduce drastically that time to less than 2 months with a product based on Hadoop. In fact, if someone told you he has something new in Big Data Analytics not based on Hadoop, leave and run, it has to be Hadoop and associated projects based today.

Datameer solution supports multiple sources (HTTP(s), (s)FTP, S3, SSH, DBs, Web Services, HDFS, Hive, Impala), runs on Hadoop and offer a spreadsheet like user experience. Datameer product has more than 70 connectors for Ingest and Output and delivers more than 250 functions for data preparation, more than 30 widgets for visualization based on data lenses concept, of course supports HTML5 and some security and governance features fundamental for enterprise adoption. But the key differentiator in favor of Datameer is the Schema-on-Read without the need to build on-demand schema to run specific app and reports, all of these allows a super fast outcome. If enterprise compare with traditional approach as mentioned above with ETL, DW and reporting, the TCO is 50:1. Among long list of customers, American Express reduced costs by 30% and Sears shrinks reporting time from 12 weeks to 3 days. Definitely, Datameer solution desserves a test as it is pretty unique on the market.

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