March 9, 2016

OpenIO breaks a pricing barrier

OpenIO (, pioneer in object storage with an open source solution, continues to maintain pressure on the market with an interesting pricing model. Nothing really new as many famous vendors have adopted similar model but in that space it's always interesting to innovate in favor of users. The core product - OpenIO Core - is FREE, classic for open source, and you can select a standard support at 8c/used GB/year MSRP with objects APIs such OpenIO HTTP, Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift and the maintenance. The key point here is the fee is aligned not to the raw capacity, nor the 1 copy but on the real used capacity. If a project needs 700TB and you deploy 800TB, you will be charged only for 700TB and of course not for 2.4PB in 3-way replication or 1.6PB with erasure coding with 1.5 HW overhead ratio. For 700TB for 5 years the standard package is just $280K so a $0.4/GB. You can compare with other solutions but keep in mind that with the 15-20% annual maintenance, you pay the full product in 5 years meaning finally the price doubles. So again the core is FREE. Now on top of that, you may consider the application-aware connector such Mail, Video or just the file sharing needs. For each of these, a connector package is priced $30k per year MSRP again and you can buy directly what we call a Edition. The Mail Edition is finally the OpenIO Core + Standard support + Mail Connector. This is similar for the Video Edition or Enterprise Storage Edition with their respective connectors. And again for each deployment, the Premium and Platinum support can be selected.

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