April 14, 2016

HyperStore 6.0 from Cloudian

Cloudian (www.cloudian.com), the leader in on-premise S3 cloud storage, announced HyperStore 6.0 with several very interesting features such:
  • a new revisited GUI for all operations via the interface and a 360 degree view,
  • an durability extension for better data protection with Amazon S3 cross-region copy and some pro-active repair not present in the past,
  • some storage analytics output to display hot-spots and a new object-GPS to locate data across all hardware entities on the planet,
HyperStore 6.0 will be GA May 1st and is still at $0.01/GB/month so a pretty aggressive price.
At the same time, Gartner published the report named "Critical Capabilities for Object Storage" with obviously Cleversafe as #1 Object Storage on the planet. It is the best object storage for sure but Gartner recognizes Cloudian with first time presence and high rates. Just to mention that Air France-KLM is now a Cloudian customer. Congrats Michael, Paul and the rest of the team.

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