November 18, 2016

Global storage with NooBaa Storage

NooBaa Storage (, innovator in hyper scalable cloud storage, has presented during recent IT Press Tour in Israel. Very early covered in June and during VMworld, the company continues to preach a new approach to cloud storage.
And the result is already pretty impressive with tons of downloads meaning at least that NooBaa generates interests and desires fo tests. Companies continue their journey to cloud and today's adoption promotes hybrid model with some on-premise deployments and of course connected to at least one public cloud.

This external hybrid approach is fully included within NooBaa as the technology can be deployed on various resources, local or remote, private or public and very heterogeneous as it requires only the NooBaa storage daemon. Then with a multi-cloud strategy, NooBaa simplifies access methods and offer an Amazon S3 compatible API even on none AWS cloud, this is magic. I encourage everyone to test NooBaa you will be amazed by it simplicity. In 2 words, NooBaa it's storage without Boundaries.


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