November 25, 2016

Green light for Kaminario

Kaminario (, leader of the All Flash Array wave, was also a good moment during the recent Israeli IT Press Tour. Even if we have met Dani Golan, CEO, and Shachar Fienblit, CTO, last June at Sequoia Capital in Menlo Park, visiting them now at their R&D center is key to understand what is behind, the current sales figures and the potential of the team.

Kaminario wall when you enter the R&D center
Kaminario accelerates market penetration with strong results in SaaS environments. Every dimension shows rapid growth perfectly aligned with analysts reports and opinions. It seems that end-users really understand the value of full flash storage especially when performance and TCO are super attractive. In fact, it's very difficult to avoid such solutions. It also the result of some choices made by the product and business teams with K-Assured and Clarity that leverage 2 unique differentiators promoted for a long by Kaminario: Predictability and Agility. Predictability gives future behavior and visibility with guaranteed results thanks to real deployments and Agility offers the technical flexibility to scale the business transparently.

Josh Epstein, VP Marketing, presenting the last figures of Kaminario
For a long time, Kaminario was listed as a niche player and a bit confidential chosen for demanding environments, but for a few quarters the company became a very visible player with large adoption rate and now considered as one of the best todays AFA solutions for more universal IT usages such IoT, Cloud or Mobile applications. 2017 should a very interesting year for the company, watch this space in Q1...

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