December 14, 2016

New StorNext iteration for Quantum

Quantum ( | NYSE:QTM), a leader in data management, StorNext 5.4 (SN) with several new features and extensions. Powered by SN Storage Manager as the central intelligence and authority and the variety of products and elements in the storage hierarchy, Quantum promotes a multi-tier approach transparent for users and applications wherever data and devices reside and whatever the device nature is: cloud, on-prem, disk, object storage or tape.
just announced
  1. SN adds the supports of public clouds such AWS (S3, Glacier, GovCloud and C2S), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud and some 3rd-party object storage with 2 pioneers like IBM COS from Cleversafe acquisition and NetApp StorageGRID in addition of Quantum Lattus. Jon Gacek, CEO of Quantum, even mentioned, during the recent IT Press Tour session, that it happened that Quantum has sold StorageGrid to offer a global solution acting as a one shop approach. This kind of mutual joint effort is also illustrated by some other links NetApp and Quantum have especially around DXi9600 in Europe. This cloud capability for SN is priced $50/TB/yr for public cloud and $100/TB/yr for 3rd-party object storage offerings.
  2. Quantum also introduced a computing environment named DAE - Dynamic Application Environment - to run applications within a KVM platform on Xcellis storage appliances confirming market trends towards convergence demands between compute and storage. The company has started to validate several key applications well deployed and adopted in M&E market segment.
  3. New capabilities with management console and reporting are added to the solution to offer extended functions coverage.
  4. Finally, Quantum validates more OS, devices and connectivity options for SN, Xcellis and Artico: new Linux releases for MDC/Director and clients, Mac OS X 10.12 for clients, LTFS with LTO-7 and Quad 16Gb FC, 40GbE and FDR InfiniBand.
StorNext 5.4 is available now and represents a key progress to boost Xcellis and Artico adoption for a real transparent end-to-end experience at an attractive cost. Really a good announcement, 2017 will be interesting for Quantum.

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