March 6, 2017

Trifacta continues its market penetration

Trifacta (, leader in Data Preparation, has participated for the second time to the IT Press Tour, one year after the real first meeting, and the session we had this morning was great as the company has made some significant progress in one year.
During last 12 months, the company multiplied by 4 its bookings and more than tripled its installed base with more than 4,500 companies in 135 countries around the world for more than 100 employees. The ISV has raised $81M+ so far with famous VCs on board.
This adoption is confirmed by a new award delivered by Dresner Advisory Services that named Trifacta #1 End-User Data Preparation Vendor three years in a row. It confirms that the mission of the company "to offer the self-service tool to provide and discover the real information among a data lake aligned with business needs and goals" is real and have converted real adopters.

The solution has been designed to bridge two worlds with myriad of tools that finally make things more complex, rigid and not agile at all. The result is highly visible, instead of spending the vast majority of the time in preparing data, small in analyzing for a limited business results, Trifacta accelerates and maximizes the preparation period to dedicate more time for analyzing for a more visible and important business impact.
Since our last visit , the company has extended the product line and now offers 3 flavors: 1/ a free Wrangler edition for desktop to invite people to test and finally adopt, 2/ Wrangler Edge for teams and departmental environments and 3/ Wrangler Enterprise without any real limits, the last 2 editions are sold by annual subscription.

Trifacta has also confirmed its go to market strategy with a growing ecosystem, oems and european landing. Its partners program has more than 80 partners, Infosys, also investor in the company, and Wipro has accelerated the visibility on large projects.
The current release is the 3.2.1 and the company prepares the 4.0 release with a few key themes like scale and performance, sharing and collaboration, more sources and connectivity and of course support large enterprise deployments. One slide illustrate a Cloud flavor without too many details, it is called Cloud Dataprep so we can anticipate a 4th iteration of the solution. Wrangler 4.1 should be released this summer with scheduling, more sampling techniques, more collaboration capabilities, broader governance with data lineage, integration with IAM such LDAP and AD and cataloging integration with Waterline Data, Alation or Hortonworks Atlas. The idea is also to build and offer a shared workspace with a template library where users can leverage other recipes to build their own.
Lots of progress in one year, the company has really enriched the solution and build a portfolio to become the de-facto standard for Data Preparation, 2017 will be interesting to watch for Trifacta.

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