March 20, 2017

Waterline Data to master the data sourcing effort

Waterline Data (, leader in Data Cataloging for Big Data, organized a very good session during the recent IT Press Tour. We've learned a lot in a category sometimes not very well understood.

As the company is a bit confidential, it's important to give you a profile of the company with founders and mission. Waterline Data, founded in 2013, is established in Mountain View and has raised so far $23M from Menlo Ventures, Partech Ventures, Jackson Square Ventures and Infosys for the last round as well. Founders and leaders have strong background and track records: Alex Gorelik, CEO, has founded Exeros, asset acquired to IBM in 2009, and Acta now at SAP acquired in 2002 via Business Objects, Kaycee Lee, COO, had several executives positions at Primary Data, VMware or Delphix, Ravi Ramachanddran, head of sales, and Todd Goldman, CMO, had strong past experience. All of them know very well the Big Data and Analytics space.
The Waterline Data's mission is to provide the right tool to manage data like a true enterprise asset by connection the right people to the right data. The last point is critical as the data is everywhere within the company created by many diverse tools and applications. It creates a real complexity. Also many data are completely hidden and no really managed without real capabilities to be discovered, searched, cataloged, tracked, deduplicated... let's say simply organized. So a new approach is mandatory to address these needs with capability to be used by users directly - notion of self-service -, to be aligned with regulations and to efficiently managed data instances. This is the mission of Waterline Data via the a full data lifecycle management model described below.

In this data flow, Waterline Data has developed an unique fingerprinting technology that guarantees data unicity and deep tracking. A second key aspect is lineage that delivers the historical tracking and source of data, pretty useful for compliance reasons. all these steps are fueled by a tagging mechanism that helps to segment and organize data.
To promote and penetrate the market, Waterline Data has built a strong partner ecosystem and you can see other key players such Trifacta, met the same week.

It was a super meeting, we learnt a lot of things about data management, challenges associated with it and how an enterprise should leverage intelligent data tools to maximize big dat and analytics modeling. Great session again.

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