December 12, 2017

New Edge filer from Avere

Avere Systems, one of the few file storage gem companies, continues to release product at an interesting pace. The company just announced the FXT 5850 with double the DRAM and SSD capacity, 2.5 times higher network bandwidth and finally 2x the performance if we compare with the previous model.

You can configure a cluster of 24 nodes, I let you imagine the capacity an performance you can achieve in that case, configurations are fully redundant to avoid any impact on production, this is the case with the failover capability and mirrored writes.

Recognized by the performance and flexibility, Avere marks a new milestones with a formula 1 product perfectly aligned with the high demanding characteristic of some verticals segments that need high data capacity and high speed at the same time.

The Avere FXT 5850 starts at $211,500 and is available now. Huge achievement that maintains Avere in the top file storage club.

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