March 15, 2018

New Era for Storj with now a seasoned CEO

Storj Labs, one of the few P2P storage player now promoting Etherum blockchain based storage, expands its team with the recruitment of its new CEO. Ben Golub, former CEO of Docker and in the past CEO of Gluster, just arrived to launch a new era for the company. He is often associated with exit as he did one for Gluster selling the open source storage company to Red Hat for $136M in 2011. We expected the same at Docker but nothing happened, is it because founders are too greedy or other reasons? We saw similar behaviors from other companies led buy french people who finally didn't accept acquisition proposal, missed the window and entered in trouble zone. He also board member of Minio, te leading open source object storage player, revolutionizing that category. So far the company has raised a total of $33M of funding.

Users share their local free storage space with other users in a secure way. Data are sharded or chunked, encrypted and distributed between farmers (people who contribute and share their free space) i.e among storage nodes. Storj now enables 60PB of data across 150,000 storage nodes present in more than 200 countries. The company charges $0.015/GB/month, which 3 times more expensive than Wasabi and Backblaze B2 even if these offering are different and we don't include traffic.

It reminds me several projects: Adanam, KerStor, Wuala, Symform, Blockade, SpaceMonkey, AeroFS, Tudzu, Connected Data, Ugloo, UbiStorage, CloudPlan, AetherSore and SiaTech but only a few of them are still alive. Storj is one of the best solution for sure available probably at the right time.

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