March 23, 2018

Tintri story turns tough

Tintri, the leading NAS platform for VM environment, confirms its financial difficulties started several quarters ago.

Despite strong technology, the company never really took off and even finally made an IPO, delayed one time to finally happened in June 2017, to raise a new round at a lower valuation and lower stock price. It seems that the market didn't positively receive this new round and has marked some difficulties for the company.

Tintri recognized for its VM-aware NAS storage appliance with today an interesting installed base could move to chapter eleven in the next few months and some gorillas could even wait that deadline to make a really good bargain. Among them, HPE also watching good opportunities, or Cisco, IBM, NetApp or even DDN who could be attracted by the VM market segment opportunity. Dell Technologies is out with the ton of things received with the EMC merger. VMware won't be interested as well.

Tintri reminds me what Virsto offered a few years ago with NFS datastore for VM as a pure Software-Defined Storage before the industry introduced the term and later with with Evostor, an Australian company Virsto acquired later, in that case only with VMFS datastore based on iSCSI. Virsto got acquired early 2013 by VMware. Maxta also in the NFS datastore for VM is still alive with less visibility than 1 or 2 years ago, StorMagic also in the VMFS datastore based on iSCSI is even more confidential. I anticipated same difficulties for HyperGrid formerly named Gridstore who finally never took off. Is there a place for a dedicated VM-aware storage solution?

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