April 4, 2018

New era at DataCore

DataCore, leader in storage virtualization with SANsymphony for a few decades and more recently active player in the Software-Defined Storage wave has shaken its management layer recently.

I just discovered that George Teixeira, CEO and co-founder of the company, has updated his LinkedIn profile and is now executive chairman. This event invited me to check the rest of the team and I realized that DataCore is entering a new era with several new team members.

So George moves from CEO to Executive Chairman, the new CEO is Dave Zabrowski who was CEO of Cloud Cruiser before the acquisition by HPE last year and before he was CEO of Neterion. At the time I wrote that post his LinkedIn profile was not updated.

I also discovered a new CMO on the web site, Gerardo Dada, who came from SolarWinds and before Rackspace.

This is a new era for DataCore perfectly illustrated by a new logo with new color, no more red but a kind of green.

We expect to see now more changes both in local teams, in product and market strategy. We'll see, probably now a realistic exit could be considered...

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