Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Amberflo promotes usage-based pricing for cloud services

Amberflo joined the recent 48th edition of The IT Press Tour and we discovered a very interesting project and company. The founding team came from AWS where they have participated to the development of key cloud services.

They target the cloud pricing and billing aspect with a usage-based pricing and billing model. It represents a signification complex problem to solve in order to reflect exactly the consumption of the various services. All of this start with a fine grain metering data collection backend coupled within a dedicated data infrastructure. This finally became the real backbone for cloud operations. Metering is key and must be comprehensive without omitting any CPU cycles, API calls or transactions. Finally collecting or logging all these information is a must when usage-based pricing is the goal.

The team has designed, built and developed a metering platform with billing as the first application of it. The solution is capable to collect billions of records from all tiers of applications or any IT resources to show real consumption to establish this usage-based pricing. The engineering group has built its own time-series database to be able to receive all the huge data flow.

Amberflo decouples the metering and billing entities with 2 different clouds to deliver an usage and revenue analytics. The company truly believes that the next wave of software is powered by usage-based pricing following own licenses and subscriptions. And young software companies adopt this vision and Amberflo solution. This segment is already occupied by a few vendors, at least 7 or 8, and Amberflo is moving fast to take market share and positions. Really a good session perfectly aligned with the last cloud trend in terms of billing.

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