November 30, 2014

A few IT Press Tour statistics

A few hours before we'll officially kick-off the 14th edition of The IT Press Tour, it's time to evoke some interesting statistics about the event. In fact, it gives perspective but also reasons why it attracts some many EMEA press publications, journalists and reporters and vendors to reflect a growing success. In 2 words, the event is established, recognized and delivers real value for everyone.

FR Edition Rest of Europe EMEA Edition
Grand total14

Some statistics:
  • 105 different companies (including 14th edition),
  • 155 sessions in total (including 14th edition) as several companies integrate the event in their EMEA communication strategy,
  • Total coverage (press articles in print or online, blog posts, video posts...) = 3600 (excluding 14th edition),
  • Average coverage per company = 37+ (=3600/95, excluding 14th edition not yet occurred),
  • Average coverage per session = 25+ (=3600/145, excluding 14th edition not yet occurred),
  • Group of 50+ EMEA journalists with 15 at each EMEA edition,
  • Total CEO met = 70+,
  • Total CTO met = 50+,
  • Among them: Lee Chen (CEO A10 Networks), Jayshree Ullal (CEO Arista Networks), Aaron Levie (CEO Box), Doug Cutting (father of Hadoop Cloudera), Mike Olson (former CEO Cloudera), Jedidiah Yueh (CEO Delphix), Sujal Patel (former CEO Isilon), Fred van den Bosch (CEO Librato), Gary Bloom (CEO MarkLogic), Suresh Vasudevan (CEO Nimble Storage), Nir Zuk (CTO Palo Alto Networks), Scott Dietzen (CEO Pure Storage), John Colgrove (CTO Pure Storage), Don Basile (former CEO Violin Memory) and John W. Thompson (CEO Virtual Instruments and Chairman Microsoft),
  • Total IPO = 6 (after we met): A10 Networks, Arista Networks, Nimble Storage, Palo Alto Networks, Varonis and Violin Memory,
  • Total Acquisitions = 17 (after we met) by alpha order: Arkeia by WDC, Blade Network Technologies by IBM, Copiun by Good Technology, eMeter by Siemens, Firebase by Google, Fusion-IO by Sandisk, High Cloud Security by HyTrust, Isilon by EMC, NexGen Storage by Fusion-IO, Nicira by VMware, Nine Technology by Imation, Starboard Storage by SGI, Storsimple by Microsoft, Symform by Quantum, TwinStrata by EMC, Virsto by VMware and Whiptail by Cisco.
The next edition starting today will be amazing as well, with a fantastic press group and 12 companies covering the 3 hot topics Cloud, Storage and Big Data: Cloudera, Cloudian, Diablo Technologies, Elasticsearch, Exablox, Nimble Storage, ObjectiveFS, Platfora, Platform9, Primary Data, Qubole and Spanning Cloud Apps.

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