August 9, 2018

Exten Technologies out of stealth

Exten Technologies took advantage of the 2018 Flash Memory Summit (FMS) to finally unveil its structure, team and product. The company is led by Craig Gilmore who was the last CEO of Mangstor who finally disappeared from the market and the entity is based in Austin, TX like Mangstor.

The company presents itself as a pioneer of NVMe over Fabrics, pretty strange for a very recent company as some other appeared on the market a "long" time ago.

Exten develops HyperDynamic a storage software fully compliant with the NVMe protocol that provides high performance with less than one microsecond of overhead latency, ready for high demanding data centers.

The Exten architecture is fully aligned with the NVMe open standards and doesn't require proprietary hardware or software lock-in and supports Redfish and Swordfish API. HyperDynamic invites vendors to build a new JBOF approach by moving non-volatile memory, Flash and 3D XPoint SSDs from traditional storage and server systems to fabric-attached enclosures supporting Intel x86, AMD x64 and customs SoC supporting NICs from Broadcom, Chelsio, Intel, Mellanox and Solarflare. This is a new pendular movement towards storage networks after recent moves back to DAS. Exten just received the Best of Show Technology Innovation Award at FMS 2018 for HyperDynamic.

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