February 4, 2019

Silently, Minio eats the object storage world

Minio continues to expand its world domination. The company launched in 2014 by Anand Babu Periasamy, Garima Kapoor and Harshavardhana, became the de-facto standard for everything related to on-premises S3 storage.

Partners and users realizes that and multiplied integration in various products combinations, demonstrating the flexibility of the product. The other players initiated before them started to disappear from the market landscape, being replaced by Minio, or even have chosen to do something else. In other worlds their opportunity window disappeared. Among object storage vendors outside the cloud, there are just a few that count, the 20 other became anecdotic. I remembered some vendors trying to compete with them claiming superior technology... haha what a joke especially from leaders who don't understand storage, trends, market forces and technology moves.

Datera and iXsystems have chosen Minio and I won't be surprised to see others doing similar move. It can be deployed with Kubernetes, Docker or Mesos, even on NAS and offer an S3 interface for GCP and Azure. Even some competitors use their mc client on top of their product.

Recent meeting with the team has shown that they address new use cases not very well touched by their competition or object storage in general. I mean here big data and analytics, machine learning and deep learning and more generally application data. We see partnerships with IBM, Azure, Pivotal, Vertica, Greeplum, NetApp, Intel, Samsung even Dell EMC. The product already supports Lenovo SR650, Cisco UCS C240, Dell R470xd and HPE ProLiant DL380.

They also use S3 Select which gives a new dimension to S3 storage and a new life for application integration, this is so powerful, thank you Amazon.

I already said that the Minio Tsunami is coming but in fact it already started as I wrote in December 2016... But we know that Minio won't do an IPO but will be acquired by someone, who, when and how much? Today I estimate the value between $500 to $700M to start to discuss.


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