December 3, 2019

IT Press Tour #33, an incredible edition in perspective

The IT Press Tour, the leading IT event for WW IT press, has recently published participating companies for the 33rd edition scheduled from December 9th to 13th in Silicon Valley dedicated to IT Infrastructure.

Twelve companies will join the press crew, some of them are well established and we already met them and some participate for the first time:
  • Actifio, innovator in data protection,
  • Commvault, leader in data protection,
  • Data Dynamics, disruptor in file storage virtualization,
  • DDN, largest private storage vendor,
  • HYCU, fast growing player in modern data protection,
  • Igneous, promoter of the unstructured data management as-a-service,
  • Komprise, reference in data migration and storage tiering,
  • Minio, the most adopted object storage solution,
  • Portworx, emerging leader in storage container,
  • Scale Computing, strong player in hyper-converged infrastructure,
  • StorCentric, a new kind of storage vendor,
  • and VMware, the famous infrastructure software giant.
Dense and unique week in perspective with several hot players in IT infrastructure, the tour will shake the market again. I invite you to follow us with @ITPressTour, #ITPT, various publications and reporters Twitter handles.

November 1, 2019

Data Dynamics swallows Infintus

Data Dynamics, emerging leader in unstructured data management, unveiled recently its intent to acquire Infintus Innovations Pvt. Ltd., the deal will be close in December.

Infintus develops data analytic tools that leverage AI. This addition of data analysis engine to StorageX will add content level analytics offering one of the most comprehensive data management approach for unstructured data on the market. This data content model will allow data manager to add more aligned data policies with compliance requirements such GDPR and CCPA and boost e-discovery enterprises processes. Very good move.

We'll learn more about the next StorageX release 8.2 scheduled for February 2020 with Infintus engine during the December IT Press Tour.

October 30, 2019

Komprise extends its intelligent data management on NetApp

Komprise, leader in data management for unstructured data, enhances its product on NetApp with search capabilities and virtual data lakes across multiple storage technologies, still with file or object interfaces.

The company unveiled Deep Analytics for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, initially announced in September 2019, as a source and offer now the Beta version of the Data Migration S3 for NetApp StorageGRID. The first feature offers a "horizontal" capability to search data across data silos. The second is about migrating data from any S3 source to any S3 targets.

We'll a chance to meet and visit Komprise during the coming IT Press Tour for the 3rd time and we'll learn more about these 2 new product capabilities.

October 23, 2019

Promethium product is GA

Promethium, emerging player in AI-driven analytics, recently announced its Data Navigation System aka DNS based on Natural Language Processing aka NLP to solve complex data governance SQL queries.

This new approach boosts user experience, reduces costs and drastically time-to-results by leveraging AI and ML models to discover, catalog, index and query data to provide insights in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks.

DNS extends users footprints and invites non technical ones to consider the analytics platform strengthening its adoption within the enterprise. It offers a unique capabilities with its natural language-generated SQL queries across various data sources, systems and platforms such databases, data warehouses and data lakes. At any time, users can control the process especially joint tables via an straight forward visible interface. The solution supports english, spanish and french languages confirming that europe is a key target market.

The adoption has started and a few large Fortune 500 corporations already adopted the solution to master the federation of data.

A SaaS model was selected by the team to sell DNS running in the cloud or on-premise with an annual price based on usage by user whatever the data volume, the member of data sources and complexity.

Promethium shakes established vendors positions and it will be interesting to see market reaction during the next 6 months.

October 21, 2019

The power of Zeek by Corelight

Corelight, emerging leader in network security, organized a very good session during the recent IT Press Tour. We had the privilege to meet the exec team at their HQ in San Francisco and we realize the role of its team in the industry.

First, the technology developed and promoted by Corelight is Zeek, new name of Bro, the de-facto standard for network traffic analysis invented by Vern Paxson in 1995. Corelight as a company was founded in 2013 by Vern Paxson, again, Robin Sommer and Seth Hall at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Zeek is used by at least 15 vendors that develops specific features on top of the engine. This is te case for Darktrace and several other famous players. Zeek is a free open source software network traffic collector and almost all developers of it work for Corelight. Zeek can be downloaded on

The company builds its own product line of Zeek-based solutions named sensors from physical appliances to virtual to cloud eventually. In addition of Zeek, Corelight adds features like log files formatting, exports and custom insights and partners with several SIEM vendors like Splunk or Elastic often coupled with Corelight's sensors. Zeek generates different logs and the list is super long, we invite the reader to check the cheatsheet.

Corelight sensors delivered physical appliances exist in 3 !u models: AP3000, AP1001 and AP200 respectively dedicated to 25+, 10 and 2Gbps.

The virtual sensor flavor requires minimum VMware ESXi 6.0 or Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 supporting up to 2Gbps so aligned to the AP200 for branch offices. The last product iteration is the cloud instances available for AWS with supports of VPC but not yet available on the AWS marketplace.

The company also markets Fleet Manager to control and manage up to 250 sensors deployed across the enterprise from a single management console. It is available as a Linux package.

Beyond the classic alert model based on threat discovery, Corelight promotes a threat hunting approach based on all structured logs products by Zeek, that anticipates potential issues and reduces time to resolution. Then these threats feed an alert system to trigger specific protection and network fixes.

Corelight also raised a Series-C of $50M to reach a total of $84.2M to maintain its leadership and accelerates developments and geo expansion.

October 18, 2019

Promethium ready for a blast

Promethium, emerging player in data governance, did a very compelling session during the recent 32nd IT Press Tour. We met the company in March 2019 and we discovered a great vision of user experience operating analytics. We have to admit that we had some doubt about the reality of this vision and we were wrong as Kaycee Lai and his team finally just released its solution. The product is GA and is real, the demo was impressive, the user experience is very intuitive offering a super fast results in a fraction of the time taken by a "classic" approach.

To summarize the product capabilities, let me re-introduce the problem it solves. The long chain of tasks represents at least 7 type of actions and each of these silos can be optimized but it is limited to its own perimeter.

These silos are often deployed with specific dedicated products and it makes the insights quest a tough long journey. Promethium took a very different path and it was the vision of Kaycee Lai coming from Waterline Data, collaborating in tons of analytics projects with various partners. Integration was a nightmare and finally products glue is a must but not enough. The company approach shakes classic techniques with a first phase of questions powered by the integration of Natural Language Processing aka NLP, followed by a data discovery step from various data sources such Hadoop with Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR flavors, databases with Oracle, Teradata, SQLServer and MySQL, S3-based data repository like Snowflake, AWS, Redshift, RDS and Athena and soon Salesforce.

Then queries and results phases with additions of AI intelligence. Based on this method, Promethium is able to shrink the time, manual efforts and TCO by a high factor inviting the user to test multiples scenarios in the time it took in the past.

All this beauty is realized by Data Navigation System aka DNS with 5 modules:
  • Data Discovery with Smart Bot and Smart Explorer,
  • Data Modeling with NLP Question Builder, Data Map Builder and Directions Builder,
  • SQL Builder with SQL AI,
  • Data Virtualization with Kaleidoscope to watch and check generated SQL commands and finally
  • Data Governance with Guardian to check compliance.
Definitely a great session with a magic demo that confirm the vision and now reality of Kaycee Lai. Congrats.

October 17, 2019

New VC round for Corelight

Corelight, leader in network traffic analysis based on the open source framework Zeek, just announced today a new VC round with its $50M Series C led by Insight Partners and participation of Accel. The total amount raised as of today reaches $84.2M. This new round confirms the role of Corelight and therefore Zeek in today network security with at least 15 companies embedded its engine.

October 16, 2019

Kinetica continues to lead the GPU DB market segment

Kinetica, leader in GPU database, met last year during the #28 IT Press Tour, delivered again a very good session for the 32nd edition a few days ago. We saw the progress around partnerships, market footprint and adoption and of course the product.

Initiated in 2009 by Amit Vij and Nima Negahban with an US Army project around realtime active analytics, Kinetica as a company was founded in 2016 and has more than 140 employee as of today with $63 million raised so far. The company should confirm soon a big financial news probably during the next NVidia GTC in Washington November 4, 5 and 6th.

As data is the new oil and drives business, having the full master of it and insights from it is a major advantage. Thus being active, dynamic and realtime represents a key differentiator to boost data-driven business.

The company has tuned its positioning with real use cases in various industries being "the active analytics platform for next-generation data-driven applications".

Deployed on-premise with NVidia, IBM, HPE or Dell EMC or in the cloud like Azure, AWS, GCP or Oracle, Kinetica GPU accelerated database offers flexible data sources and supports tiered storage natively in the product. NVidia is listed as a strategic partner, and the only one, and we anticipate big news between Kinetica and NVidia in the next few weeks.

The product includes algorithms and machine learning models to enhance developments cycle and expand users experiences transparently.

Kinetica is now controlled with KAgent to deploy and manage cluster instances on-premise or in the cloud. The GPU-accelerated DB represents a central data processing engine for real-time business and various industries. Having such technology is considered as a major differentiator for users against similar industries, and it boosts Kinetica annual figures with exponential growth.

This session was very interesting with great progress and accelerated market adoption, pay attention to Kinetica in the coming few months.

October 15, 2019

Portworx recruits for EMEA

Portworx, leader in storage for containers, met already 2 times during the IT Press Tour, just recruited Stephane Gaillard to lead its EMEA business. Stephane most recently spent times at Rubrik, before at Veeam, Red Hat, Symantec and Veritas and long time ago at BMC Software. We'll have the opportunity to meet him in December during the next IT Press Tour as Portworx will be a key participant.

October 14, 2019

Kinetica prepares its Series B

Kinetica, leader in GPU DB, already raised $63M in 3 rounds - Seed, Venture and Series A. We understood during a visit this morning at their HQ in San Francisco that the company is in the process to raise its Series B. We'll write a new post as soon as we get confirmation.