Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Second acquisition for Nasuni in 2 months

Nasuni, a leader in file storage for the distributed enterprise, just announced a new acquisition, this time the target is SME, aka Storage Made Easy, a british data management software vendor well known in the cloud landscape. Recognized for its interesting collaboration features, its Office365 and Teams integration, VPN-less access and its advanced search capabilities, SME coupled with Nasuni File Data Platform will make life easy for administrators and give -end-users great productivity advantages. This duo is not new on the market as the 2 companies already worked together for 2 years having common deployments. The future shines for Nasuni.


Thursday, June 16, 2022

With its 4th generation, a new era is coming for WEKA

WEKA, a leader in high end file storage, made a big splash with the 4th generation of WEKAfs unveiled yesterday. Originally available on-premises and then on AWS for a few years, the company now supports AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI making the residence of the operation a useless question. And as the cloud represents most of the time the only elastic option, offering WEKAfs almost everywhere breaks an adoption barrier. Very good.

With a proven model for on-premises with several key systems/servers vendors and on AWS with 230PB moved to the giant, this important step will for sure accelerate WEKA success. The recent quarters have demonstrated a rapid growth with accounts in various domains.

WEKAfs was designed to maximize the parallelism of any operations - data and metadata - with instance of data and metadata servers as containers making the architecture very flat and horizontal to deliver high IOs at very low latency, high throughput for small and large files.

Beyond this cloud agnostic approach, the team adds an incremental and continuously replication mechanism to facilitate file system promotion to active one when users need it. Designed since day 1 as a data tiering solution coupling local NVMe and object storage, WEKA also provides now an optimized data reduction technology based on variable chunks to reach new levels of economics.

WEKAfs exposed also NFS v4.1, SMB with a WEKA flavor and a native S3 interface in addition to GPUDirect making WEKA a perfect U3 data platform. I introduced the U3 concept several years ago as a combination of Universal, Unified and Ubiquitous model.

The product delivers a very rapid object retrieval from low cost storage when cold data are stored. The release also introduces a new UI that once again simplifies the management of clusters at scale. 

Definitely a key announcement that shakes the file storage landscape that confirmed once again that WEKA is a really a different animal.

Monday, June 06, 2022

Talk with Glen Olsen, CEO, Nexustorage

A few months following Nexustorage participation to the IT Press Tour, I estimate it was the right moment to discuss again with Glen Olsen, its CEO, to measure the progress made by the team. We spoke about the genesis of the company, of course the product in details and its differentiators and new features, go-to-market strategy, pricing even if it's a bit early and some future steps. This interview is the 49th in the interview series and globally 108th episode of the French Storage Podcast. We invite you to listen to it below, enjoy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

44th IT Press Tour early June will be amazing

June is almost here and we're back to California for the 44th edition of The IT Press Tour starting June 6. This tour is a bit exceptional as we'll spend time in California as usual but also 2 days in Colorado. Topics are around IT Infrastructure, Data Management and Storage visiting 9 companies:
  • iXsystems, the open source champion promoting storage freedom and democratization,
  • Lightbits Labs, the pioneer of NVMe/TCP and ambassador of storage disaggregation,
  • Liqid, the leader in IT resources composability,
  • Nasuni, the reference of cloud file storage for the distributed enterprise,
  • Quantum, the established player in secondary storage,
  • Spectra Logic, the hyper-scalable secondary storage vendor,
  • VAST Data, the emerging file storage alternative for high demanding file workloads,
  • Veritas Technologies, the historical SDS and data protection major player,
  • and WEKA, the number parallel file system on the planet.
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Monday, May 30, 2022

Talk about DAOS with Johann Lombardi from Intel

New Technical Talk about ExaScale Storage with Johann Lombardi Senior Principal Engineer at Intel. As data at scale creates real challenges for IT architecture, understanding DAOS (Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage) project, the role f Intel and others seemed to be an interesting topic. We spoke about the genesis of DAOS, the goal of the product, how it works, how data is exposed and protected and future directions. This talk is the 21st in the tech talk series and globally 107th episode of the French Storage Podcast. We invite you to listen to it below, enjoy.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

CTera Networks and Wasabi join forces to offer better cloud file services

CTera Networks, a leader in Cloud File Storage, just announced a strategic partnership with Wasabi Technologies. This agreement will bring simple bundles with attractive consumption models leveraging CTera Global File Services connected to Wasabi cloud storage. Clearly, with that, CTera continues to add new cloud storage providers to its long list confirming its leadership positon in this global distributed enterprise data landscape. More details are given here and you can try this new service here. The interesting point is the partnership Wasabi has signed a few months ago with Tiger Technology to offer a Cloud NAS service. Interesting to watch in the coming months.


Monday, May 16, 2022

Talk with Liran Eshel, CEO, CTera Networks

Back to Israel a few weeks ago for the 43rd IT Press Tour to visit and meet again CTera Networks, it was obvious to record an exclusive interview with Liran Eshel, founder and CEO of the company. We spoke about the genesis of the company, of course the product in details and its differentiators, go-to-market strategy with many partnerships with recent validation, pricing and some future steps. This interview is the 48th in the interview series and globally 105th episode of the French Storage Podcast. We invite you to listen to it below, enjoy.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Panzura received new fresh $80 million

Panzura, a player in global file service, just announced a new round of investment with $80 million for its Series B for a total of $170 million according to Crunchbase. Of course the valuation is not mentioned, the company being in a recovery and reformatting mode, and it's worth to mention that the only unicorn in this category is Nasuni. Coldago Research will publish its new report in June. This confirms the new period started in May 2020 under Jill Stelfox as CEO and Dan Waldschmidt as CRO after several years of business failures and difficulties. So far, the new Panzura demonstrated interesting positive metrics like x4 growth, 97% retention rate and 87 NPS score. This is clearly a positive sign for Panzura after several years of doubt that positioned the company in a negative zone. It illustrates once again that the cloud and global file service is a real trend and market segment already well covered by CTera Networks, Nasuni and Hammerspace among others. We'll monitor carefully the next few months for Panzura and we'll see if an exit is around the corner... as the company was founded in 2008, 14 years ago, and still not profitable, not public, still independent and clearly under the radar almost as a zombie company.


Monday, May 09, 2022

Talk with Uri Beitler, CEO, Pliops

With the recent IT Press Tour in Israel, we visited and met Pliops, a recent DPU player who shakes the industry with a very compelling product. I then recorded an exclusive interview with Uri Beitler, CEO and co-founder of the company. We talked about the triggers of the company, IT challenges solved by XDP, how the product works and the target use cases, GTM and partnerships, pricing model but also future directions. This interview is the 47th in the interview series and globally 104th episode of the French Storage Podcast. We invite you to listen to it below, enjoy.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Nasuni acquired DBM Cloud Systems

Nasuni, a leader in cloud-based global file services, has made a significant step with the acquisition of DBM Cloud Systems. This move justifies the new investment round of $60 million announced in March. DBM Cloud Systems is a very small company founded in 2015 with very limited VC money and very small revenue.

Beyond that, DBM has developed some interesting data movement services and features represented by AIRE for Advanced Intelligent Replication Engine. The idea is to offer a flexible data copy mechanism across hybrid and multi-clouds. AIRE is interesting by the delta technology it uses to identify object candidates to copy and by the synchronization technique. It can be used to address secondary storage need such data tiering, archiving, business continuity and disaster recovery aligned with new laws and regulations.

We'll see how Nasuni will use DBM as it is not so clear, we'll ask the team during the coming IT Press Tour early June. Also, we see a trend on the market to protect public cloud storage which seems a bit bizarre as all these services deliver at least 5 or 6 nines of availability and even more around 12 nines for the durability. But the idea to create some dynamic data channels across multiple cloud services makes sense. To conclude, clearly it appears that Nasuni picks DBM for Cloud Data Migration, Intelligent Tiering and Multi-Cloud support improvements. It will also serve to continue the battle against CTera Networks, the other very rich global file services company.