November 14, 2014

Silently, VMware acquired Continuent

VMware ( | NYSE:VMW), server virtualization leader, just acquired the assets of Continuent, a leader in database clustering and replication. Continuent develops Tungsten that delivers HA for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server and coupled with a second product Tungsten Replicator, the solution can be geo extended. This high performance replication product is released under a GPL v2 license, providing a data replication engine for MySQL and Oracle. Multiple topologies are possible, please check the replication page. Continuent also started to work for Big Data solution such Hadoop and Amazon Redshift and VMware acquired Cetas in 2012 in addition to their own project Serengeti. But the most surprising thing is that nor VMware and Continuent have published a press release, they just did a few blog posts on respective web site: Continuent blog post and VMware blog post. Continuent is now part of VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Business Unit and the Tungsten is integrated with VMware vCloud Air. Good catch.

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