January 15, 2015

Cloudian jumps into the Smart Data wave

Cloudian (www.cloudian.com), leader in Hybrid Cloud Storage, just made a strategic announcement with the jump into the Big Data Analytics with the support of Hortonworks Hadoop distribution. The vendor identifies 3 key trends for 2015: Hybrid Storage, Smart Data based on Hadoop and Analytics and finally a new cost model with COTS and Software-Defined Storage philosophy. As Paul Turner, CMO of Cloudian, said: "in 2015, the storage will become hybrid".
The new release Cloudian HyperStore 5.1 introduces essentially 3 key things:

1/ Smart Data Analytics with the Hortonworks HDP certification and the idea to process and analyze data in-place,

2/ SmartSupport Analytics, available free of charge and enabled by default, as an advanced call home feature "a la Nimble" like InfoSight to provide pro-active analysis,

3/ and the core product 5.1 with federated geo-replication and the capability to apply different policies to replicate data and metadata across different clusters. And 3 other functionalities with end-user credentials in the cloud, hybrid cloud chargeback reporting and OpenStack Icehouse support.

With this announcement, Cloudian illustrates perfectly that object storage as a technology is a perfect receptacle to store and protect data ingested from multiple various sources such as social networks, consumer appliances, applications logs and IoT to be then processed by an Hadoop based analytics engine.
In 2 words, the support of Hortonworks Cloudian provides an Elastic MapReduce infrastructure on-premise.
More globally, Cloudian has announced a fantastic year in 2014 with 300% growth in term of customers base. With 60 employees and pure indirect model, Cloudian promotes Hybrid Cloud Storage at 1c/GB/month. 2015 will be interesting in that market segment.

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