January 23, 2015

HvNAS belongs to NetApp now

HvNAS Networks, an independent developer in SMB3 finally landed in NetApp's basket. When you try hvnas.com you are now redirected to netapp.com. In fact this is confirmed by the WhoIs page that clearly mentioned the fact.

Also Dilip Naik's LinkedIn page mentioned he's now Principal Engineer at NetApp since Oct. 2014 and didn't mentioned HvNAS at all. At the same time, October 14th, 2014 was the last day of publications on the winntfs blog by Dilip Naik. Hum it gives me the feeling that NetApp wished to hide this silent acquisition. Here is the original HvNAS home page that clearly detailed their are of expertise.

HvNAS focused on SMB3 even if they do SMB2 and provided source code library license. SMB3 is strategic for Microsoft for applications and core services like SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Hyper-V and we can understand why NetApp had some look at this small entity (5 developers), they got The expertise. EMC already announced SMB3 with VNX beginning of 2013, on Isilon in July 2014 with OneFS 7.1.1 and NetApp supports it as well starting since ONTAP 8.2. Dilip is a Microsoft MVP and he did a brilliant talk during last SNIA SDC 2014 conference where he covers SMB3 and its benefits. Good catch for NetApp.


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