January 13, 2015

SanDisk spins-out hybrid storage unit

SanDisk (www.sandisk.com | NASD:SNDK), leader in flash storage, just announced the spin-out of its ioControl business less than a year after Fusion-io acquisition for more than a billion dollars. SanDisk is convinced by the pure flash approach and having an hybrid solution in its portfolio creates some confusion even if we can consider this product as an invitation to consider flash-based storage. Sumit Sadana, Chief Strategy Officer at SanDisk, confirms that the pure and only flash storage is the only strategy for SanDisk, nothing else counts. The name of the future entity will be NexGen Storage with the same team as original, remember that Fusion-io acquired NexGen Storage in 2013 for 120M$. It will be interesting to see how Nimble Storage or Tegile reacts to this announcement.

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