May 15, 2015

Brantley Coile is back on business with AoE

ATA over Ethernet, AoE or even EtherDrive, all these words are pretty famous for people who have a minium of interest in storage. I'm pretty sure, at least i hope, that you remember Coraid, the pioneer in that space, with aggressive offer, alternative storage product line and pretty huge installed base. Coraid was the market vehicle for the technology and was shutdown a few weeks ago, even for months, financial situation was not so good. Coraid had 2 eras, the one led by Kevin Brown where growth was fast and really Coraid made an impact in the industry with $100M of revenue for AoE product and a second era, with a new leadership team, who was the start of the business downturn.
Brantley Coile is The man behind AoE and it's always with regrets that you see your baby goes in a bad direction. Brantley made a decision: restart AoE activity with the purchase the rights to the EtherDrive CorOS product line from the new owners of the Coraid intellectual property. His own company now owns the IP and you can obtain more details on his web site: His second wish was to open source SRX and VSX code with also a fee based software support and new features for SRX customers. This is a great announcement, again with huge human effort and i'm pretty sure past partners of Coraid will jump soon with Brantley to eliminate the blank period where AoE was absent of the market. Congrats Brantley.

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