June 12, 2015

Exablox continues its market penetration

Exablox (www.exablox.com), leader in scalable storage for SMB/SME, made 2 recents key announcements. First, Exablox received an extra $7M from Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) for the C round for a total of $45.5M. This round is perfect to continue market, geo and product development and expansion. Second, the company introduced a new appliance - 4312 - 10 times faster and twice the capacity of the first generation, the 3308. Even of the product has a mid-range positioning, Exablox provides entreprise grade features such as in-line deduplication, continuous snapshots or remote replication. The new system supports last HGST 8TB SAS and SATA drives for 96TB in a single appliance for a total of 700TB in a single filesystem. Deployment continues to be very simple with just 10 minutes to deploy a cluster. This new appliance starts at $11,995 and is available.

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