June 30, 2015

With WOS 360 v2, DDN maintains leadership

DDN Storage (www.ddn.com), the independent leader in storage for demanding environments, just announced WOS 360 in version 2. During the last IT Press Tour edition, the 15th last week, Alex Bouzari, CEO, and Molly Rector, CMO, spent some time to cover this key announcement for the company. Introduced early 2014, WOS 360 was a tentative to offer a pure software approach for the classic hardware-based object storage solution. WOS is very recognized by the market and fits perfectly in their product line, representing an active data tier for data preservation and remote/geo access. Last year, DDN introduced Global ObjectAssure (GOA), 2 new appliances dedicated to Archive and Performance needs and more recently the availability of a S3 gateway.
Now WOS 360 v2 is a key milestone with:
  • a Capacity appliance with 768TB in 4U thanks to 96x 8TB SMR HDD SATA, 2x 10Gb/s network ports and 8B objects per box,
  • a new OpenStack Swift API support available as gateway or embedded, supporting 5000 users and 5B objects per namespace,
  • a flexible deployment model with gateway for data access but also native implementation at the WOS node level,
  • a new overhead ratio for GOA supporting node, site and/or disks failures for a ratio of 1.5 coming from 1.88 in the previous release. 1.5 ratio is obtained with 2 layers of erasure coding with 5+1 coupled with 8+2. GOA also supports now up to 6 sites.
  • security with full SSL from client to storage node and between WOS nodes.
  • a drastic latency reduction for demanding application such video streaming.
  • an easy of deployment and maintenance to deploy the cluster in just a few minutes.
  • and finally some improvements in the integration between GRIDScaler and WOS.
With that release DDN demonstrates again its leadership in a very competitive market segment, we'll see how competition will react to WOS 360 v2.

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