September 14, 2015

Cloudian shakes the object storage market

Cloudian (, the worldwide leader in compatible Amazon S3 storage, unveiled a few days ago 2 distincts key announcements. The first one is a new version of HyperStore with the 5.2 release and the second one is about a new hardware line of appliances.
HyperStore 5.2 introduces many new features but I wish to insist on the storage policies and especially on the data durability policies that you can set per application and the data storage policies that you can apply per bucket. This new release delivers globally more granular control over the infrastructure and the associated data.
The new Cloudian hardware line, named FL3000, is also important as a new philosophy is clearly promoted with an access layer and a persistent layer. Both layers are covered by different systems, the access layer is a 3U chassis with up to 8 micro servers, each server has 128GB of RAM, a dual Flash drives for metadata redundancy and optimization, 2 x 10 GbE ports, 2 x SAS connectors and each server is hot swappable. 2 hot powers are also installed in the chassis. For the persistent layer, a 4U chassis is chosen with up to 60 HDDs of 8TB meaning that 3.84PB can be configured on a 38U rack. In that case, 2 full servers are configured and 8 full storage chassis are configured.

With this announcement, clearly Cloudian promotes its capabilities to address high volume of data and large deployments with sustained workloads. Super job from Paul Turner, CMO, and Gary Ogasawara, VP Eng, and their respective teams.

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