September 2, 2015

Veritas also in scale-out storage

Veritas Technologies (, the leader in storage management and data protection coming from giant Symantec, emerges with some well known solutions but also some new ones. Among them the Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) feature available with the InfoScale Enterprise which coupled Storage Foundation and Clustering capabilities.

Do you recognize something ? the old VERITAS Software logo
as a triangle, top down and 3 horizontal layers
FSS offers the capability to share local storage, cluster wide like the other scale-out storage on the market. Scale-out storage can be considered with 3 flavors: block, file and object. For Veritas, as the historical leader and pioneer in enterprise file system with VxFS, FSS is a file oriented scale-out storage also named a scale-out file storage. FSS integrates a fundamental layer, VxVM or Veritas Volume Manger, and the use of Cluster VM is required to allow visibility and access of volumes across cluster nodes. With CVM, we could consider the Veritas approach as scale-out block storage but I'm pretty sure that all current and future deployments are file based. The beauty of this is the capability to support both local and shared storage named respectively network shared storage and physically shared storage like the ones connected via a SAN. On top of these FSS volumes, Veritas generates a VxFS file system to allow local or remote applications to use the storage service farm. In other words, the cluster can be considered as a converged platform hosting applications with local storage cluster wide. Finally, Veritas delivers today what the industry recently promotes as converged infrastructure with all pieces available for more than a decade. I tell you Veritas was a pioneer and continue to be the leader in data and storage management, the fact that is the company is independent again will help to boost new product development and acquisition to catch up and fill the product line gap.

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