October 13, 2015

Anaplan, one of the fastest software vendor

Anaplan (www.anaplan.com), the leader in enterprise planning cloud solution, was the first meeting of the recent Business and IT Applications edition of The IT Press Tour. The mission of Anaplan is to make Excel and others spreadsheet obsolete, in fact the real goal is to optimize the enterprise planning practice within enterprises and therefore make classic old tools such Excel obsolete. All this kind of tools are de facto standard in their practice, it's so easy to use that people consider them as a natural extension to any modelization, simulation or just data store with formulas. But this approach even good at smaller scale are really difficult to use at an enterprise level with teams located in various areas. How to share sheets ? how to collaborate of same documents ? Forget copies, it doesn't solve the problem and it creates even more difficulties as all copies finally diverge. The other challenge is the number of cells or data size plus many other limitations that finally limit the wide utilization of such product when the enterprise grow or the need becomes large. Anaplan, for Analytics and Planning, took this limitations seriously and designed and developed a radical new approach to address all these points. Anaplan provides a SaaS application running in the Anaplan Cloud that is immediately available at all locations ubiquitous access and collaboration is solved. The compute power is provided by the cloud and on-demand based on Anaplan cloud resources. The product is as simple as Excel so there is no learning curve and tons of applications are available directly aligned with business needs. We understand that again that of the key value of Anaplan is the Ecosystem with hundreds of partners collaborating and building applications. And it exists applications for a huge variety of role in the enterprise. You take an application, you customize it for your own usage, you run some tests and then deploy it. Finally you get, share and continuously improve an application, results and dashboard. You can implement very straightforward what-if scenarios and the data integration is very simple. Anaplan is a real company success story, as soon as some prospects test an app, use it and deploy it, they immediately adopt it. This business behavior has a clear impact on the company bottom line: fast hyper-growth thanks to an unique solution philosophy. Great idea, really brilliant.


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