November 9, 2015

AtScale to enable real-time Analytics on Hadoop

AtScale (, software player in the Hadoop space, has emerged recently with a business solution to boost audience marketing. The company, founded in 2013 by Dave Mariani, fills the gap between the business side and the IT side based on Hadoop. So far, the editor raised $9M in 2 rounds by 4 investors ready to tackle a huge market opportunity. Coming from various business entities that have leveraged "past" technologies, Dave Mariani got a few strong beliefs in Business Intelligence such as the self capability of an IT service and the fundamental role of Hadoop in data processing.

So obviously, he launched a new company to realize his dream "Business Intelligence on Hadoop" as he considered this as the NBT. How to make things happening between 2 worlds ? He have already experienced the need but now with Hadoop, its even more compelling and users are not prepared. It's no longer about learning about understanding how it works but more about the use of it. It's not a question about the tool and the choice of it, but more the application if Hadoop. No doubt, Hadoop wons, the ecosystem is huge and the ubiquity is global. AtScale's goal is to revolutionize how BI is operated within the Enterprise and how to leverage the best platform to do it today. It will be fast, simple, dynamic, realtime and easy to change and adapt with the analysis tool on top of Hadoop. AtScale resides in the middle as the mediation engine to orchestrate all data processing within Hadoop and offer an access to all BI tool through industry standards access methods.

Pretty easy in the needs and concepts but tough to realize and deliver, how else deliver such approach ?

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