November 13, 2015

Hortonworks, more and more global

Hortonworks ( | NASD:HDP), founded in 2011 and leader in Hadoop environment, continues to penetrate the market with strong figures especially the number of customers. As of June 30, 2015, the company had 556 customers with 119 added in Q2/2015. The platform is more and more universal with the capability to run any application and storage any kind of data. In the detail, it's not yet the truth but the momentum is clearly set. Huge promoter of the open source approach, Hortonworks has 2 revenue streams - support and architecture/services - and actively develops an Open Enterprise Platform. One of the key elements of success of Hadoop is clearly the ecosystem that boosts end-user adoption thanks to 1350+ partners. No doubt, this metric contributes to the success.
An other key strategy event that Hortonworks considers seriously is the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT means massive amount of data, from any sources, which is a perfect justification for the Hadoop platform. To sustain such strategy, Hortonworks has acquired Onyara and promotes the new platform named DataFlow as the right architecture and solution for IoAT meaning Internet of Any Thing. Onyara was a leading contributor to the Apache NiFi, top project at Apache Software Foundation. The original idea of Onyara came from NSA under the name "Niagara Files" (so the NiFi acronym) where the project was first designed and proven at scale. NiFi was given to ASF in Fall 2014 and then became a top Apache project in July 2015. More informations are available here for Apache NiFi. This project consolidates the central role of Hadoop and its capability to process tons of data in batch or real-time mode with other key pieces. This is also a clear direction for Hortonworks that considers IoAT as an infrastructure service. Clearly a very interesting strategy that creates a key differentiator against other Hadoop players.


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