November 25, 2015

IT Press Tour Update

Just a few last minutes changes for The IT Press Tour ( as we're glad to add Minio, an open source object storage solution, to the current list of participants. Also, Springpath notified us a few days ago that they won't be able to participate for corporate strategy reasons so finally the list we'll be:
  • Cohesity, recent player in the mission to unify secondary storage,
  • FlashGrid, pretty unique player with a very fast shared storage for Oracle RAC and ASM,
  • LiveAction, innovator in network management,
  • Mangstor, developper on a full Flash storage array,
  • Minio, an open source object storage solution started by Gluster team,
  • OpenIO, pioneer in Object Storage software with the original idea initiated in 2006,
  •, next generation of Ethernet storage,
  • Primary Data, leader in Parallel NFS world,
  • Rozo Systems, alternative player with an innovative Scale-Out NAS solution,
  • Rubrik, promoter of converged data management,
  • Tegile, leader in Flexible enterprise Flash storage,
  • and Xirrus, high performance Wifi for Business.
Again, super week in perspective, pretty dense around Storage and Networking. Follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #ITPT.

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