November 24, 2015

Seanodes is back

Seanodes seems to reborn from the ashes. I'm sure some of you remember Seanodes as a pioneer of Scale-Out Block Storage with its Exanodes product like LeftHand Networks or more recently ScaleIO, acquired by EMC, the Bulgarian StorPool, Maxta or VMware vSAN. It exists today plenty of example of this approach. The company led by Jacques Baldinger finally stopped its business activity end of 2009 and got a new try by Eric Bueno in 2011.
A recent event happened with the IP bought by Bernado Marcos Vera and Anthony Klapcia, both directors at Seanodes Limited. It exists one Marco Vera at Tarmin but I didn't find any direct link.
Interesting, at least it demonstrates a few things: 1/ Seanodes was a very good idea already validated by some vendors I mentioned above 2/ Seanodes code and Exanodes product are good and the market is ready and 3/ the cost of the IP was ridiculous and it was a bargain.
But the good thing of this move is the fact that the code is now Open Source under the name OpenExanodes an you can find everything on GitHub at Long life to Seanodes...

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