November 27, 2015

SNIA Tutorials at Storage Visions 2016

SNIA ( will deliver a set of tutorial for the pre-conference day of Storage Visions 2016 scheduled for January 3rd at Luxor Palace. The program is detailed below from 1pm to 5pm:
  1. 1pm - 1:45pm: Thomas Rivera, Sr. Technical Associate, HDS, "Privacy vs. Data Protection: The Impact of EU Data Protection Legislation"
  2. 1:50pm - 2:35pm: Carl Waldspurger, R&D, Cloud physics, and Irfan Ahmad, CTO, CloudPhysics, "Practical Online Cache Analysis and Optimization"
  3. 2:40pm - 3:25pm: Philippe Nicolas, Industry Advisor, Rozo Systems, "Massively Scalable File Storage"
  4. 3:30pm - 4:15pm: Ramin Elahi, Adjunct Faculty, UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valely, "Fog Computing an its Ecosystem"
  5. 4:20pm - 5:05pm: Michael Willet, VP Marketing, Bright Plaza, "Implementing Stored-Data Encryption"


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