January 15, 2016

Cloudian partners with BridgeStor for file access

Cloudian (www.cloudian.com), the best compatible Amazon S3 storage, continues to enhance its platform with today a partnership with the gateway vendor BridgeSTOR. The new feature named Cloudian HyperStore Connect for Files (CfF) is the BridgeSTOR Coronado and offers:
  • standard file sharing protocols such NFS v3, SMB 2.1 and FTP,
  • a global file locking capability to facilitate global geo collaboration at file level,
  • a global namespace to simplify file access and management across various locations,
  • delete with version control (soft-delete),
  • in-motion/at-rest data encryption,
  • compression and global deduplication,
  • and AD/LDAP integration.

The option is comprised of 2 modules: File Access Point (FAP) and Global View Manager (GVM). FAP is a stateless server, virtual or physical, exposing file from objects and vice-versa. GVM manages all geo capabilities of CfF especially the global locking aspect. The extension works from HyperStore 5.2.
Sometimes is better to pick an external expertise rather than building your own extension. Cloudian selects a good one from industry experts.

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