February 16, 2016

Infinit introduces Decentralized File Storage

Infinit (www.infinit.sh), innovator in file storage space, well known for a file transfer solution for large files, just announced a new approach in file storage. In two words, Infinit aggregate storage spaces from various sources such on-premise and cloud-based storage and expose the result as a Single, Resilient, Scalable File Storage service. The company leverages his famous file transfer service and some technology aspect of it and unveils now a new solution. This second product is able to unify a large variety of storage entities such cloud storage like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage but also any kind of on-premise storage such NAS, storage attached to workstations or servers. Infinit consolidates all this spaces, add protection mechanisms and finally exposes the final storage entity as a POSIX file system. File content is split in chunk locally on every consumer machine aka client and every chunk is then encrypted and distributed across several participant producers aka servers. Data protection is delivered via replication and the administrator has the capability to change the protection parameter.

It reminds me several other projects that had various destiny, first mine with KerStor who finally never went outside prototype and since that had a new life under... sorry can't tell, or AeroFS, Symform, Wuala, AetherStore, UbiStorage or Connected Data. This segment is pretty active with many players positioning their solution in various market segments. And final comment, I'm an advisor at Infinit for a few months and we expect to change established market positions. Congrats to the team.

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