March 31, 2016

AppDynamics recruits a new CMO

AppDynamics (, the clear leader in Application Performance Management, just announced the recruitment of Kendall Collins as CMO. He joins AppDynamics from Salesforce where he spent 12 years and was CMO for the last 3 years. Strange or he needs a new challenge ? With the recent record VC round and the new CEO, Davis Wadhwani, AppDynamics has changed a bit some positions, Jyoti Bansal is Executive Chairman, the previous CMO Steven Wastie left to join Origami Logic as CMO and Dan Berkowitz, corporate communication leader has quit as well. New era needs new leaders.
With a total amount raised of $314M, among the top recent valuation for an ISV that makes it an obvious unicorn, AppDynamics will continue to accelerate the market adoption but the strategy at the level is a bit fuzzy. Why a company that offers an APM solution needs a new round ? especially when you already reached more than $200M ? The IPO is not the solution as it clearly opens the book and make acquisition a reality for them. To be honest, I see a clear wish to stay independent and build a software giant. Probably a good path, even if the product is fantastic, the APM is still considered as a feature, so AppDynamics must clearly extends its portfolio, makes acquisitions and develops new stuff. With all this cash, we expect such moves...

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