March 2, 2016

New IntelliFlash HD for Tegile

Tegile (, one of the leading providers of Flash storage arrays, continues to innovate at a pretty regular pace. Tegile made a super choice with the SanDisk IntelliFlash array to release their flavor of the solution as they couple it with their scale-out controllers. The result is pretty impressive with 8 times the controller bandwidth, storage density, latency reduction and capacity more than the T3800, already a very good product. The IntelliFlash HD delivers millions of IOPS and 1.4PB of effective capacity in just 5U at half a $ per effective GB. 5U means 3U from SanDisk with 512TB which is 10PB for 42U delivering up to 5 millions IOPS and 2U for the controller itself. Tegile continues to promote its unified approach - block and file - with FC and iSCSI mode and NFS/SMB3 access, and still interesting data service such snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, inline deduplication and compression. Adding a full Flash strategy and real offering is clearly a plus for Tegile playing now in a very hot segment where many companies have disappeared... Let's see 2016.

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