April 18, 2016

All kind of reduction for Qumulo

Qumulo (www.qumulo.com), one of the leaders in the new NAS wave, has 2 interested news to share. First the company is introducing a new Core release 2.0 and new appliance models. The key software news is the addition of erasure coding working at chunk-level and finally the company joined the wagon with Isilon and Rozo Systems the 2 other leaders in Fast Scale-Out NAS. The other software feature is the Capacity trends analysis capability. On the appliance side, the 3 models are QC40, QC104 and QC260 available with high capacity 10TB HDD and join a rich family with 5 flavors: QC24 (1.6TB Flash + 24TB HDD) and QC40 as 1U appliance and QC104, QC208 (2.6TB Flash + 208TB HDD) and QC260 are 4U appliances. To give you an idea of the price, a 4-node QC24 cluster starts at $50k and the pricing model is in $ per TB per year. As of today, 40PB for the ww capacity deployed for 50 paying customers. At the same time, the company d is doing a RIF and move down from 90 people to 66, representing already more than 25% of the total employees.

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