April 22, 2016

Cloud on-prem by Igneous

Igneous (www.igneous.io), innovator in cloud storage, was at the NAB this week and I got the pleasure to discuss and see the product for real after several months of wait. Igneous delivers a very interesting offering with a ready to use Cloud storage for on-premise. The product is a 4U chassis with 60 x 6TB drives open by the top working in 2 x 20+8 distributed entities - 20 data and 8 parities - and each drive has a small CPU board connected in the back. Each drive has Gb port and globally each one is linked to the 10Gb switch. The box is fully autonomous and the user never touches, configures or does maintenance on it. In addition to that, 2 x 1U server are shipped connected to the box, these servers expose Amazon S3 outside and offer full data distribution plus remote maintenance capabilities. The product is sold by annual subscription. It reminds me the Kinetic approach even if here the approach is proprietary but it seems to deliver the promises. Igneous has many POC in test and plans to announce the product GA around Q4 this year. It's good to see this kind of new design, model and innovation in storage today, really sure this approach will make an impact. Perfect candidate for an IT Press Tour soon.

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