April 12, 2016

New small system from HGST

HGST (www.hgst.com), a Western Digital company, introduces a new active archive system, the SA1000 which starts at 672TB (425TB usable so a EC efficiency ratio of 63%) and can be configured up to 28PB when you configure it in geo-mode across 3 data centers for one namespace. HGST understands that wish to address large capacity is not enough to sustain a business and geo deployment could be also useful at smaller scale. The SA1000 is available and complements the SA7000 which starts at 4.7PB (exactly 4704TB for 2976TB usable still fro the same 63% EC efficiency ratio) in a single rack, delivers 3.5GB/s per rack.
HGST continues to believe in true object access methods and like Cleversafe announced a new certification with the new Avere 5000 FXT Edge Filer, one of the best cloud gateway on the market. The company has unveiled as well that Revera, a New Zealand cloud provider, has adopted the platform to be the Revera Vault back-end.
HGST also became member of the iRODS Consortium who develops and supports an open source software platform for storing, searching, and sharing large files and datasets named the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS). Interesting announcement, congrats to the HGST team.

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