April 29, 2016

Object Storage was hot at OpenStack Summit

OpenStack (www.openstack.org) this week in Austin was an impressive event with 7500 attendees. The conference is always a good moment for a refresh about OpenStack projects, community and deployments and the first keynote set the bar pretty high. The expo was also a key moment of the week and among various topics, object storage was very hot with of course open source solution such Swift, Ceph and OpenIO but also with commercial offering like Coho Data, DDN WOS, EMC, Hedvig, Hitachi, IBM Cleversafe, NetApp, Nexenta, Oracle, Pure Storage and SwiftStack, commercial flavor of Swift. Among absences, Caringo even with a HQ in Austin, Cloudian as the strategy is really to offer On-Premise S3, Minio as Swift is not the strategy angle. Huawei had a ridiculous booth if we compare with past editions. This event confirms if needed that large data centers will be powered by open source on commodity servers, large telco at the show comment positively on this and refuse to pay for software license. Choice is now even more open with Ceph even if Red Hat acquired Inktank, still Swift and OpenIO the last company appearing on the market but a real pioneer with a technology designed already in 2006. Again who has existed at that time ? Bycast, Caringo, Cleversafe and EMC.


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