May 24, 2016

Datameer New Generation of Analytics

Datameer (, one of the leaders in data analytics preparation and a good surprise of the 18th IT Press Tour in March 2016, just introduced the 6.0 release.
This major product iteration offers 3 new key elements:
  • a new user interface to radically change how users interact with the platform,
  • an extension to Datamer's Smart Execution with the support of Spark processing engine that simplifies data mining and machine learning,
  • and a continuous data discovery mechanism.
The outcome resides in users behavior with visualization at each step of the process, the workflow is now more fluid. No need to wait the final phase to obtain result and finally discover some mismatches or inefficient sub-phases. Each step feeds the process and offers visualization. The goal of this 6.0 is to simplify, reduce processing time and improve the user experience. Battle is on for data preparation and Datameer clearly occupies a leading position with a limited number of other players. Congratulations to the team.

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