May 16, 2016

When object storage promoters realize the role of files

It's fun, really fun, to see in some videos, posted on YouTube taken at OpenStack Summit in Austin last month, SwiftStack CPO Joe Arnold recognizes that Object APIs are for developers and finally accepts the reality of the high and ubiquity presence of file-based application especially commercial ones that don't speak object at all. And now these guys that serve as Ambassadors of Object stuff promote file access via ProxyFS, wow, what a conversion. They used to refuse file access, then they embedded Maldivica gateway as the market asked for such access and now they speak about native file access. In fact, there is nothing in the market, ho sorry yes it's new for Swift, ProxyFS allows file and object access to the same content. Again, really a new feature for Swift but pretty common in the industry by other object storage. I love these videos and if you don't find them, here they are:


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