June 10, 2016

Lenovo powered by Cloudian

Lenovo (www.lenovo.com | HKSE:992) has jumped clearly in the SDS wave and has made a super choice with Cloudian HyperStore that finally confirms what everyone should know: Amazon S3, the de-facto cloud storage reference, is the winner. End of story. For all object storage vendors who have tried to compete saying 'Hey we have a better API', C'mon, there is only one rule: "The Market is always right !!".

So Lenovo has recognized that and once again picks the best Amazon S3 object storage for on-premise deployment. Lenovo markets its StorSelect appliance product line with 2 products and for Cloud stuff the model is the DX8200C - C for Cloudian - with GA should date in Q3 this year. The DX8200C is a 2U appliance, users must buy 3 nodes to start and the company delivers 1 and 2 lines support and Cloudian be the 3rd of course. Again Lenovo has made a super choice. We'll learn more in 2 weeks during The IT Press Tour.


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