June 21, 2016

OpenIO continues its technology journey

OpenIO (www.openio.io), alternative object storage player and recent market entrant, has been met yesterday by the IT Press Tour crew. The company has made some significant efforts for a few months to improve its visibility especially to better communicate technologies development. This is critical for the success and the market penetration.

Let me summarize a few key points about OpenIO. Market promotes Software-Defined Storage and OpenIO is a perfect illustration of that and it's a real one like Hedvig or Minio. The philosophy of the product confirms that the scalability in performance and capacity is well achieved with a asymmetric model meaning the use of side metadata servers and JBoCS (Just a Bunch of Chunk Servers) talking with client machines. The product doesn't use any consistent hashing-based algorithm, so there is no need of rebalance and new servers so storage are immediately available for production. You can start super small and for sure there is potentially no need for object at that size except if you wish to do remote access and above all grow fast, often and becoming big, very big. The solution can be also very easily and rapidly deployed, Paul Delaporte, Product Manager, did a live deployment in 5:43, really impressive.
About the news, OpenIO introduces 3 things: first, the Storage Tiering feature, supporting internal and external capability, moving content from one pool to a secondary one, second, a detailed new iteration for Kinetic integration and a 3rd one under embargo for a few days.

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